Madden NFL 19 Release Date And Features Wishlist

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21 Responses

  1. Dmitri Seahawks says:

    I would like to see replays after each play is made. Also pass interference penalty.

  2. Ralph says:

    I would like to see a first person view option in madden 2019 and a realistic half time anglesites and a realistic pre game show . also have intelligent commentators that are dynamic and say something different all game long and not repeat them self’s also add the sideline commentator based on the day have different commentators talking and also post game player interviews and media interviews. also make it so created players are treated like real players with there own story that changes from day to day game to game and there names get said no matter how crazy they are. no for the long shot story allows created players in it and you get to actually choose how you respond to media questions and interviews and make it so you can actually interact with you team and the city your player is in for example you can go to clubs buy new cloths and new gear and houses and cars. so basically make it a realistic RPG were your choices on and off the field effect your player so you could go to jail or get cut from your team or Get into the first line. bring in playable mini games that you actual do like benching squatting 40 yard dashes and position based training for example maybe your an O line player so you do a sled mini game were the further you push it the more attributes points you get to add to your player and if you balance you skills in multiple ways you will get a position change if you want it .bring back costume tattoos for created players update neck pads for your player update all gear from the newest actual equipment. Last but not least I would like to see a dynamic game thing were when its a rival game you’ll see bigger hits and some dirty play if its like a playoff of game the game atmosphere changes based on the type of game and if its a superb bowl you’ll get a half time show with all kinds of different singers that preform

  3. Sebastian ''AKRO'' says:

    I want to play this game on pc :c

  4. mc says:

    id like to see game modes resemble nba2k”s game modes and features. be cool for computer to offer trades to players and other computer operated teams. more storyline features pop up throughout gameplay, and actually talk to you, not just text pop ups u have to read

    • Michael Gabriel says:

      Madden’s needs the singers during superbowl halftime show and breaking news live around the nfl and career ending injury like tom brady getting hurt really bad and retires and big ben returns to the superbowl to get the 7th heaven tropthy and the celebration bringing a trophy back to Pittsburgh and big ben retirement issues,being the general manger of the nfl cousmizing teams schedules who they face and determine who their up against and more things like offensive coordinators and defenive coordinators and mascots coming out towards the feild,plus snake bites on the bad teams

      • Michael Gabriel says:

        Plus,dealing with nfl lawsuits and nfl players go to jail

        • Michael Gabriel says:

          I forgotten the nfl teams have fighting songs like a real nfl game and breaking news live around the nfl League during halftime and then the highlights of the plays from the first half and pick any singer for superbowl halftime show and trade rumours and trade offers for next year

  5. PanthersPride says:

    There should be a mini game mode that you can play minigames like a 30 secco day timer and see how much fields goals you can make in that much time or receive a kickoff and see how much touchdowns you can get or see how much catches you can make in a row and it is also multiplayer not single player guanlet should also multiplayer as well

  6. Michael Gabriel says:

    Demarco Murray would be trash on the cover of madden nfl 19 and kevin byard would be trash,too,i would leveon bell or Antonio brown for madden nfl 19 cover since tom brady was on the cover,it should ben rosthlisberger on the madden nfl 19 cover,duh?Figure it out.

  7. Michael Gabriel says:

    Madden nfl is broken every year,lol,the fucking patriots are in the superbowl again,it’s stupid,i would go to the complain page,next,the features are stupid in madden nfl 19 sounding

  8. Ryan Stoutenburgh says:

    Franchise mode needs the most work by far. Create a player and team is big, bring back pre-season training camp, add waaaayy more names and faces to the draft classes. Allow me to change a players looks after drafting them. Add some locker room speeches at least before and after big games. When you beat all time records have it unlock bonus that help in other modes such as MUT points. Allow me to use my own music because the soundtracks always blow. Like said somewhere else on here, make your own list of what’s important to a draft class and have that effect how they are graded. Allow us to upload our own logo’s for created teams since it looks like EA is still using Clip Art from Windows 98. Bring back face scan but actually make it work this time. Man the list gets long… Oh we should also be able to make as many jerseys as we want for a created team using the entire color wheel… I’ll stop there for now.

  9. D says:

    I would like to see injuries in mut

  10. Josh says:

    I would also like to see classic teams come back

  11. Nate Withrow says:

    We need to create a team for madden NFL 19 this year I would like to see a created a team option in madden NFL 19 this year

  12. Josh says:

    Y’all should make Kevin byard or demarco Murray on the cover of 2019

  13. Michael Gabriel says:

    Madden 18 gameplay unfair guys,so,no madden 19 for me,madden nfl being unfair game by cheating blocking feild and fakes punts,i’m done with madden nfl and i’m not buying madden 19 if it features tom brady,No Way that’s going to fucking happen i hope not because the game mechanics are unfair because its not right how the game is a peice of shit,what my cousin chris masten would say about how unfair madden nfl is a fucking disgrace

  14. Mike says:

    Better Cleats Better Gloves Bring Back Mouth Pieces, Better Creation for Your franchise player. Such as tattoos etc

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