Madden NFL 19 Features Wishlist

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  1. Toxic Nuke says:

    we also need cut scenes for my career for when u get draft the combine where you get drafted and all that make it so people do chose what place they get drafted and what team you get to

  2. tank71 says:

    being able to have a my career like 2k17

  3. Jupitersfriend says:

    Any new madden game should strongly upgrade the commentary to actually pick up the previous seasons stats in franchise mode.

    Franchise mode – should be able to create college stars to be available in the draft. Give them stats according to their rating. Needs to have limits in terms of rating creations. A simulation feature could be added to the creation part.

    A new game should revist an old version where you could create a team from scratch. Build a stadium, create an owner to a players own desire.

    The draft – during franchise mode, it should show you footage of the prospects in the up coming draft.

  4. Fyness2time says:

    The entire physics engine needs to be overhauled. Madden 18 looks completely unrealistic.

  5. Christopher Cieurzo says:

    Able to take a picture on the Xbox on with the scanner and use your face for it

  6. Christopher Cieurzo says:

    Able to control your player coach or owner on the sideline

  7. Christopher Cieurzo says:

    Be able to be punter or kicker

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