Madden NFL 19 Features Wishlist

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  1. Christopher Cieurzo says:

    Your created player walking through life like in 2k

  2. Christopher Cieurzo says:

    Draft mode in franchise

  3. Michael Gabriel says:

    I would say the scouting is boring madden 16,17 and madden 18,so it needs changed to ncaa 14 scouting system,really badly

  4. Tyler says:

    Connected Career/Franchise mode has always been my go-to.

    Having the ability, as the Owner, GM, Coach, to build a staff (coordinators, trainers, scouts, etc) and having them actually have an impact on the game/franchise would be awesome.

    The Packers, for instance, would have an excellent scouting department compared to the rest of the league (they’re good at drafting quality players and blue chippers), as opposed to the Browns who are horrendous (for the most part).

    That said, the Packers would also have a shite strength and conditioning department (as every one is seemingly always getting hurt: Matthews (hammies), Rodgers (collarbone), Bulaga (knees), etc.

    Let the hires for the franchise actually impact the playing experience, the players, and the on field chemistry of players and their play.

    Broaden the hires, too—go beyond just the coach. Let us hire trainers, a team of scouts, positional coaches (QB, WR, OL, DL, DB coaches), def/off coordinators, assistants (GM), advertising managers (GM), concessions (GM/Owner). Let us groom a staff and perhaps let them replace a retiring coach or something of that nature. Have weekly and permanent bonuses for these staff members.

    Think outside the bubble.

  5. cliff neel says:

    Be able to play with player legends in connected franchise mode as a coach or owner while controlling both offense and defense. Same as MUT.

  6. sam says:

    Add tatttos on the players not just odell beckham

  7. Chris Gruenke says:

    Some old plays I loved from the older maddens are not in the game. The Flea Flicker and double reverse are very creative and fun for users who play with friends. Another mode I loved from madden 08 was rushing attack where you can test out your half back moves vs your friends and siblings. I used to play this as much as actual games. Lastly, playing with older teams or even just the AFC and NFC Pro Bowl teams would be a lot of fun. This is a feature that NBA 2K has had for years.

  8. Ricky Toliver says:

    Madden 19 should bring back offensive & defensive coordinators including qbs, rbs,wr, coaches as well #my opinion the free agency need changes up wit realistic destination for the free agents instead overstocked players in the same position I think cfm need to have to story mode as gm & have a wish list from the owner like NBA 2k every year

  9. Crush says:

    allow users to play with legend players on offline mode like NBA 2K and MLB The Show.. along with being able to edit cleats and glove colors.. Overall more freedom in the creation process

  10. Eric says:

    bring in old teams like in 2k basketball and all time teams and have the pro bowl
    competition have madden and berman as anchors

  11. Matt Majeski says:

    Expand on the long shot story mode where you can create your own player and take him through it

  12. Chris says:

    Add offensive and defensive coordinators who can be promoted or lured away by other teams for head coaching jobs. Viewable and interactive pro-day & combine. An actual halftime and post game show. Get rid of the dumpster fire that is Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis.

  13. Zach says:

    Also add CBS FOX ESPN. For the score boards

  14. Zach says:

    They need to add the ability in franchise mode for a GM and the offensive and defesnsive coordinators also if you want to relocate be able to choose the uniform logo configuration and colors also be abke to build youre own stadium like the past or atleast give us more optiobs to choose from cause the one’s they have now are old and annoying.

  15. Gazza says:

    More excitement in the game, create more hype for each game and make the play offs special and the Superbowl even more special – it currently feels like just another regular season game. pre game view of the stadium and analysis, a halftime show, post game reaction. I want to feel like I’m in the stadium, more ambience, show the national anthem, give us more background and variety of comments on the stadium. Just in general, each game needs to feel like its an event and have more hype!

    After winning the Superbowl there should be evidence that you won the Superbowl ffs banners and I want previous season stats. Aaron Rodgers smashes the season TD record, the Packers go the whole season unbeaten and the following season its completely forgotten as if it never happened! that is really stupid.

    Be able to upgrade the stadiums visually and if you choose to relocate, there should be much better options. A stadium designer tool would be fun, being able to create a franchise would be cool too.

    A lot of little things to make it feel more authentic, even just a coin toss would be nice. big improvements can be made to the facilities and the visuals relating to the stadiums and practice facilities. Also I did not enjoy the new commentary in Madden 18, a lot of the time they’re rambling on about something dumb while a game changing play is happening. They also say the same thing every home game – poor.

    Please try to make the experience more real and authentic and exciting, little things make a difference!

  16. TP says:

    would like to see double elimination back to mut , i think its unfair that some one with a 90 or higher plays some one with a 70 or lower in the weekend championship series, thats terrible, and bring backdouble eliminationfor the draft champions like it used to be and make it easier to obtain those higher over all cards i see all these glitches on how people obtain all these coins by cheating. unfair, please make it right

  17. Matthew G Valentine says:

    And have a Fantasy Football Mode whereby you can draft a redraft or Dynasty standard or IDP team, set the number of keepers, etc.. Also, Create-a-play!!

  18. Matthew G Valentine says:

    PFF Franchise Mode: Integrate PFF to structure how player ratings are adjusted, make a big production of how your user performance is graded by that PFF testing model, as it records every single snap and keeps track of every play you personally make in every game over the course of the season, improving or disimproving your score, rewarding or penalizing you based on performance play by play. Like how if you’re playing LB, for instance, you’re rewarded separately for how adeptly you play run versus pass, or given a hit for whiffing on tackles or allowing catches in coverage. And at the end of the game you get a play-by-play summary of your performance, a series of pluses and minuses, where you excelled and where you failed as an explanation of how your score was adjusted. And at the end of the season, you’re given a final score, and rewarded bonus XP or lack thereof corresponds to where you rank against your peers at your position. That’d truly magnify the importance of user efficiency in-game. What do you all think?

  19. mech says:

    I just want co-op career mode

    • KJ says:


  20. James Warren says:

    Tattoos, baggy long sleeves, hoodies, option to put towel and handwarmer to the front, or back. More gloves and cleats, and 05’ hit stick where you can knock opponents helmets off sometimes lol

  21. cliff neel says:

    Have simulated games in franchise mode reflect the score and stats for the length of quarters in the game that the user chooses when choosing the settings for franchise mode instead of simulating for 15 minute quarters. This allows for more realistic stat comparison between the user and CPU. NBA 2K has that option in their version of franchise mode and it is great. Also, allow the user to change audibles for their team’s playbook prior to starting a game in franchise mode without having to create a playbook from the main menu. This option use to be available years ago in Madden prior to Connected Franchise. This would allow for players to change audibles without pausing and interrupting a game already in progress and having to exit Franchise Mode to return to the main menu.

  22. Joey says:

    Story mode like 2k

  23. Christian says:

    Also you need to fix the player trades I am offering really good players that they need based on there needs and they don’t even come close to accepting it the trades are horrible.

  24. Christian says:

    I would love madden to have a player mode, coach mode, GM mode, and owner mode. Also have the franchise mode more realistic like the cap issue were you are playing as owner and you have the cap space on, then you have only 1 million in cap space left and can’t sign any free agents the next year because the cap space doesn’t grow only your funds do and you can’t sign free agents with funds unless you tun off the cap space very unrealistic. Also fix the drafting in franchise mode its to easy to draft someone that is a 62 and by the end of the year he is a 90 overall. Also when in franchise mode you can only hire coaches, one scout and a team trainer, I think you should be able to hire the full staff meaning offensive and defensive of coordinator and position coaches make the game more realistic. Finally it would be nice if you guys created the long shot mode but instead of you picking position and player name you should let us make a character we want and run him through the same story or a better storyline and at the end just don’t get drafted and that’s it let him actually be drafted by a team and we can play for that team and down the road get traded or anythin we want. One more thing you really need to fix the franchise player contracts these rookies that are nothing are asking for way to much money and also these backup players are asking for way to much and p,Sayers that don’t even start very unrealistic player contracts need to be fixed.

  25. Gamecritic says:

    Cheerleaders and let us hear what the coaches say on the sidelines. Also let retired players have a choice to come back as a coach or back as a player or an owner or simply remain retired. Please bring back created plays and playbooks. One last thing allow us to face scan…

  26. John says:

    1. Bring back the ability to view past seasons stats in franchise mode.

    2. Have a new be a coach mode where you start as an offensive coordinator or defensive coordinator. From there as your team gets better or worse, you get to be promoted or demoted when positions come available with other teams at the end of your contract.

    3. Enhance the draft- the scouting in franchise mode is boring and gives you very little information about the player. Perhaps it gets enhanced by using the old recruiting system in NCAA games.

  27. DOIT says:

    They need to get the easy stuff right. Mostly for Franchise and CFM
    1) Scheduling – Everyone knows the last game of the season is for division games. After your first season they schedule you to play whoever.

    2) playoff births- Again, I feel like it’s common knowledge, but playoff tie breakers are pretty simple (Head to Head, division record, conference record, common opponents). Franchise mode gets this wrong all the time if you have split your head to head.

    3) The draft needs a complete overhaul. Teams don’t value next years draft picks at all. You can easily trade a 3rd and 7th in week 2 of the season for that teams first rounder next year. These picks need to be more weighted so this doesn’t happen.

  28. Charles Harris says:

    Simply this on The Longshot basically make it like a career mode where u can buy and customize your house/apartment and buy and customize your car(s) be able to engage with players on and off the field be able to buy clothes and shoes and nfl/nba gear be able to use a cellphone for different reasons be able to have a real life as a nfl player such as marriage kids a family have endorsement deals and TV deals and commercials basically just have a real life experience as a nfl player with good and bad situations also allow players and ex players to become head coaches or coordinators have NBC FOX CBS AND ESPN highlights and pre game and post game shows and better halftime shows just make Madden 19 more realistic period

    • Michael Gabriel says:

      You left the singers out and mascots because every nfl team has mascots,duh,like steely mcbeem,miles the bronco

  29. Mason says:

    They need to bring back AFC vs. NFC.

  30. caleb says:

    they should add highlights from around the league in franchise mode.

  31. Jimmy says:

    The long shot scenario I think was too short. Creating your own team in franchise mode would be awesome. Creating a coach would be awesome, build your resume like where you coached before. Taking the idea of MyGM from NBA2k would be great, the flaw in the NBA format is free agency, I offer the best deal every time, a lot more then what is asked and a lot more then any other team and have yet to land a single free agent. Also, when it comes to scouting, have more decently rated players. The NBA scouting always has 1-2 80+ rated guys and then after that no one else ever develops. The fantasy football scenario would be great as well.

  32. Dee says:

    Make Franchise Mode more real when I win the Super Bowl next season I wanna see banner up saying super bowl champions more gear make the hype like NCAA FOOTBALL my running backs I wanna see blood on there jerseys like real life and I wanna see the difference when a 99reciever is covered by a 80 overall corner better uniforms bring back created teams like nba 2k18 use any logo color you want give us back a great madden product plz

  33. Michael Gabriel says:

    Madden NFL 19 needs sonic and tails sprites

  34. Michael Gabriel says:

    Don’t forget the singer for halftime show,plus,they keep leaving out the mascots of nfl,dude

  35. Michael Gabriel says:

    Well,madden 19 needs a overhaul,so that Would be good new since Pittsburgh steelers are going to the superbowl in 2018,counting out the patriots this year,i think new England will fall short

  36. Kaleb says:

    I would like to see the Patriots fight song, the Broncos 3rd down horse sound and the Falcons touchdown horn in the next Madden.

    • Chase says:

      Yeah same here, and also the Falcons have had that awesome Falcon screech sound every first down or so, as well as for a touchdown during the horn. Not the same screech as the Seahawks though theirs is different plz madden don’t make them the same lol.

  37. Chris says:

    More excitement for the Superbowl. The worlds biggest sporting event should FEEL like it. Halftime shows and updated commentary.

  38. ralph says:

    i know it’s super early but a few ideas i have for madden 19 would be first person view continue with the long shot thing with more realistic stuff like buying a customizing your house add in movie deals and indorsements more free chose witch effects you in the game. also first person view option creat a team from scratch in franchis creat a playbook from scratch realistic pre game and half time shows and post game shows sidling interviews and side line comentation. smart anyoucing and commetation so they say created team and player names first and last and a dynamic commentating thing so they don’t say the same thing or erelavent things. costom stadium builds from the ground up with created teams and normal teams. also a what happens off the field effects what happens on the fild negative or positively give ais ther own personality’s baused on that player more emerson as well i wanna feel like a rally owner or couch in the game even if i creat a couch. bring back mini games like bench 40 squat and make it playable better and more realistic gear including the neck pads and new gear that you’ll actualy see players using during the real nfl seson.and last but not least make the pro bowl playable and make it so helmets and be knocked off realy takels as well with real physics and add a special thing to eatch team that effects how the crowd sees the team and author teams see you for instance if you have a lot of big hitters it will scare the team your playing against so the won’t be as good as normal or if your a clean team no cheap shots but if your a dirty team there will be late hits or cheap shots whitch effect the team standing and you’ll lose or gain crowd whitch increase home field advantige and if your a bad team you won’t be able to make money anymore in the game.

  39. Alfredo Davila says:

    How about creating defensive coaches

  40. Jatin Singh says:

    Thanks for creating and sharing your Wishlists for Madden NFL 19. This is a very good thing to tell what you want. Could you tell me When Madden NFL 19 game will be release ?. I also have created some features wishlist for Madden NFL 19 those i want to see when Madden NFL 19 game released.

    1. Ability to see box scores, league leaders, award winners, and HOF career stats from your franchise. Was in 12.
    2. Better relocation options in franchise.
    3. Pass rush/line play. Needs to be more realistic, has gotten better tho.
    4. QB AI. Guys need to scramble, take a few more shots deep. This has also improved, the cpu does go deep a decent amount.
    5. Custom gameplans/playbooks for the cpu. We should be able to assign them.
    6. Better scouting, combine numbers are nice but I don’t like the top 3 attribute system.
    7. More varied regression in franchise. Some (rare) guys should stay in their prime until their early 30s.
    8. Player morale system as well as team chemistry in CFM
    9. Ability to pick your team captains. This is a small feature but I used to like having the option in the old games to pick who my captains were.
    10. Contextual awareness for defenders.
    11. Line play: need a true pocket, and bring back the ability to steer when engaged.

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