Madden NFL 19 Features Wishlist

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  1. Jatin Singh says:

    Thanks for creating and sharing your Wishlists for Madden NFL 19. This is a very good thing to tell what you want. Could you tell me When Madden NFL 19 game will be release ?. I also have created some features wishlist for Madden NFL 19 those i want to see when Madden NFL 19 game released.

    1. Ability to see box scores, league leaders, award winners, and HOF career stats from your franchise. Was in 12.
    2. Better relocation options in franchise.
    3. Pass rush/line play. Needs to be more realistic, has gotten better tho.
    4. QB AI. Guys need to scramble, take a few more shots deep. This has also improved, the cpu does go deep a decent amount.
    5. Custom gameplans/playbooks for the cpu. We should be able to assign them.
    6. Better scouting, combine numbers are nice but I don’t like the top 3 attribute system.
    7. More varied regression in franchise. Some (rare) guys should stay in their prime until their early 30s.
    8. Player morale system as well as team chemistry in CFM
    9. Ability to pick your team captains. This is a small feature but I used to like having the option in the old games to pick who my captains were.
    10. Contextual awareness for defenders.
    11. Line play: need a true pocket, and bring back the ability to steer when engaged.

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