Madden NFL 19 Cover Player Prediction: Who Should Be On The Cover

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  1. Christopher Cieurzo says:

    Nick Foles it easy he’s the super bowl 52 MVP and he’s young

  2. Tim says:

    Gronk? is that a real pick? whoever wrote this article is either clueless a patriot fan. It was gronk for madden 17 and brady for 18. why would they ever put him on again , he even talked about retiring. M19G6, you are clueless

  3. raider nation says:

    Nick Foles for proving everyone wrong ,,,,

  4. My top picks would be:
    1. Antonio Brown
    2. Todd Gurley
    3. Aaron Donald
    4. J.J. Watt

  5. CORY says:

    Julio Jones

  6. Lisa says:

    I hear ya mikie

  7. Roy says:

    Antonio Brown

  8. Hakeem Mason says:

    carsen wentz

  9. frank flores says:


  10. jordan says:

    nick foles

  11. Andrew Daniel says:

    Deshaun Watson because he started this year off 4:0 he deserves it the most

  12. Andrew Daniel says:

    Deashaun watson

  13. Brandon Settlemire says:

    Matt Stafford

  14. lool says:


  15. joe says:

    joe flacco

  16. MISTIC291 says:

    Full support for Carson Wentz, but… imagine Nick Foles. A backup QB making the cover…

  17. Chet Morton says:

    linval joseph

  18. Corey P says:

    This is easy “Jimmy Garoppolo” the hottest name in the NFL.

  19. Angel L Ortiz says:

    Jalen Ramsey Hands Down Should be Considered!!

  20. Martina Herlong says:

    Von millet

  21. gabirel gutierrez says:

    arron rodgers

  22. Nathaniel says:

    BAM BAM KAM!!!!!!

    • Michael Gabriel says:

      That’s really dumb saying,but this ruined madden nfl 19 cover prediction should be ben rosthlisberger,duh,obviously,lol,everyone doesn’t get it,deal with it,lol

  23. Peyton says:

    Case keenum

  24. Isaiah says:

    AB all the way!!

  25. Ray E Tolonen says:

    JuJu Smith-Schuster

    • Michael Gabriel says:

      That would be,i duno,i think big ben should be on the madden nfl 19 cover prediction,it’s chosen believe it,wish it was true,i wish the patriots turn out to be not in the fucking playoffs next year if madden’s cover be gronk again Which would be stupid fucking lol,the patriots should be loosers next year and not make the playoffs,there’s ain’t going to be a sixth trophy for tom brady,never will happen you ain’t getting the point,big ben will have his seventh trophy

  26. Angel says:

    Dez briyant

  27. Noah layhue says:

    Todd gurley or Ben roghlesburger should be on the front or Ryan shazier

  28. Paul says:

    Carson Wentz

  29. Sidney says:

    Blake bortles

  30. Harrison says:

    Carson Wentz is a great candidate.

  31. Sidney Moss says:

    Carsen Wentz without a doubt!!!!!

  32. m says:

    what about Tyreek Hill

  33. Dylan says:

    I think alshon jefery or carsen wentz

  34. Michael Gabriel says:

    Leveon bell

  35. Michael Gabriel says:

    Anitino brown or leveon bell

  36. Carsen says:

    carsen wentz

  37. Ryan Risk says:

    Todd Gurley

  38. thomas ray says:

    jj watt

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